LT036 – How to Know if You Should Try to Save Your Relationship

A lot of people find me and listen to my relationship advice because they are interested in saving their relationship or getting their ex back.

But should you even try to get your ex back in the first place?

It can be a difficult question. Especially since the world is filled with so many friends, family members, coworkers, snarky articles and book, etc. that tell you that you should never, ever, ever get back together with an ex.

But the truth is that the only thing keeping you and an ex from getting back together is a simple choice. A simple decision to get back together.

And if that decision makes you and them happier, then why not do it?

But, there’s also the question of whether or not getting back together is good for you.

That’s where a simple exercise that I’ve come up with will help you discover whether or not getting back together, or even trying to work things out, is a good idea in the first place.

Listen to this episode of the podcast and learn what this exercise is and how to do it.