LT033 – The US Presidential Election (And Your Love Life)

The US Presidential election has recently left many people feeling upset, surprised, disappointed, and any other emotion you could possibly imagine.

Especially if you were not a supporter of Donald Trump.

Now, this podcast is not a political podcast, and I’m not here to share my political views…

…But I did want to offer some advice to anyone out there who may have been deeply emotionally impacted by the election, whehter you voted for Trump, Clinton, or anyone else.

This also has some advice on how this whole political experience can relate to your dating and relationship life.

There are two direct lessons that I want to draw your attention to.

First, let go of the idea that you know the best path to get you to the relationship that you want.

The strange and winding path of history has probably led many of you to meet, date, and even be in relationships with people who you otherwise would never have met or encountered if you had held stubbornly to the “one true path.”

As an example, I probably would have never met my wife if I had been hung up on forcing it to work with any particular woman or forcing myself to meet a woman in any particular way (going to bars, online dating, etc.).

Instead, it’s best to stay anchored in your values and to live your life from there, while being detached from outcome.

Second, try to see others with empathy rather than seeing them as someone completely different with nothing in common with you.

A common way that people do this is by thinking that men and women are somehow fundamentally different, when, in fact, we are all humans.

It’s easier to connect on the human-to-human level than it is to obsess over the “secret language of men” or “what women really want.”

The truth is that we all just want to feel connected and be happy. That’s not something that’s unique to men or women.

Of course, this is just one example. It’s helpful to drop any beliefs you may have of others in different capacities as well too (different cultures, LBGT, where people are from, etc.).