LT022 – Could Comparing Yourself to Others Actually Be Healthy?

So, I’m about to head out on a trip to Colorado, New York, and New England.

But before I head out, I want to post this podcast for you.

It’s on the topic of comparing yourself to others.

Most people understand that comparing yourself to others is not healthy, but we do it anyway.

We think that just because our friends are getting married, or getting into great relationships, or even hooking up, that we need to keep up with them.

The real danger is when you start to internalize this and think that there must be something wrong with you if you can’t keep up with whatever your friends are doing.

Now, this is something we touched on before in our podcast on environmental exposure, but you can use this natural propensity of comparing yourself to others to your advantage.

Anyway, listen up and stay tuned. We’ve got lots of great podcasts coming your way soon.

But first I’m off to go to a business conference…