LT017 – It’s Not Always About Attraction

I know, I know…

You should NEVER read the comments, LOL!

But the other day, I was looking at the comments on one of the videos I posted on my YouTube channel on the topic of getting your ex back.

One comment was left by someone who argued that I didn’t know what I was talking about because “numerous studies” have been done that show that women are more attracted to men who are mysterious or they otherwise have a hard time reading the man’s true intentions.

Now, I could take this down the scientific route and ask the commenter about the methodology of these studies. What was the control group? What exactly was “mysterious” anyway? How do they measure attraction? So on and so forth…

But whether or not women are more attracted to men of vague intentions or not isn’t important. In fact, it actually misses the point entirely.

It assumes that the whole issue of getting your ex back is an attraction problem.

In actuality, it isn’t.

It’s not about attraction at all.

That’s what I’m going to explain in this podcast.