LT016 – Committing Can Be Scary – How to Protect Yourself from Ending Up in a Bad Relationship

I have to admit that committing to someone else can be a scary thing.

After all, what if they end up taking advantage of you?

What if they refuse to get a job?

What if they have a problem with overspending and they start to dip into your bank account?

It’s difficult and a little anxiety-inducing to think that the person you might settle down with might end up taking you for a ride.

Fortunately, for you, this could all be avoided by changing your approach and really qualifying your partner.

Most people don’t qualify their partner. It’s usually just a matter of “is she hot?” or “is he a good guy?”

But that should only get someone on your radar. It doesn’t mean that you should be ready to jump into a relationship with them because of those qualities alone.

In this episode of the podcast, I’m going to discuss the idea of standards and how intentionally setting up your standards will help you have a better relationship future with whoever you decide to commit to.

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