LT013 – The Devil’s Secret to Ruining Your Love Life (Warning: This Gets Weird…)

Okay, this is going to get a little weird…

Like, summon-the-devil-and-bind-him-with-a-magic-spell-and-force-him-to-confess-his-secrets weird…

I hope you’re okay with that.

Specifically, we’re going to be talking about:

  • A suppressed book by America’s “warm fuzzy grandpa” of success (including his somewhat disturbing extracurricular activities…)
  • The habit that leads most people into dead end relationships and other less-than-satisfying outcomes in life
  • The fallacy of “fortune cookie” advice
  • Why being “normal” isn’t for everyone and why it’s completely okay to not be “normal.”
  • PS: It’s also okay to be “normal” too

I admit, I may have gone off the rails with this one…

But hey, it’s “lucky number 13” for this podcast, so I guess it kind of makes sense.

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