LT010 – My Strange (and Dangerously “New Age-y”) Approach to Getting What You Want

This episode is actually really weird. To be honest, I’m a little afraid of posting this.

It involves a strange journey I had in the world of “experientially” going after what I want without having to “figure it all out” and rationalize everything. And I’ll share with you how this might even relate to you and your own love life.

For someone like me, who is extremely left-brained and usually needs to understand how all the pieces fit together,  it’s uncomfortable for me to talk about this.

So, here are the pain points from this recording:

  1. Giving Is the Same as Receiving
  2. Your Intention Matters
  3. Gratitude Is the Same as Desire
  4. Your Job Is to Give and Receive Freely From a Place of Love While Being Grateful for What You Have and Enjoying Desiring What You Want
  5. Pay Attention and Seize Opportunities

And here’s a diagram I drew in my journal of this whole process:

dynamics of prosperity

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Talk to you again next time.