LT006 – The 5 Stages of Getting Your Ex Back

You may not actually know this, but I first got started giving out relationship advice back in 2009 by helping people get their ex back.

I’ve spent a lot of years helping people with breakups and getting back together, but more than that this is personal to me.

I actually had to learn how to learn how to get my own ex back many years ago.

This was in the “early days” of the internet, so there wasn’t much info on this subject back then. It took a lot of trial and error, but I actually figured out how to do it.

In this podcast we’re going to be dissecting what I call “The 5 Stages of Getting Your Ex Back.”

Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • Why your ex walls you out
  • The “unknown” emotion that causes your ex to avoid you like the plague
  • The 2 things you can use to improve your ex’s feelings toward you
  • Why your ex may only give you one-word responses (this can be super-frustrating unless you know how to shift the conversation in the right way)
  • Ex giving you “hot and cold” behavior or mixed messages? I’ll tell you why this is happening and what it means (surprisingly, this can actually be a good thing if you know how to leverage it correctly)
  • The one and only time it’s ever a good idea to talk about getting back together with your ex (if you bring up the subject any earlier, then you’d better expect a disaster)

This is very high-level stuff that comes from years of helping people get their exes back, so you might want to give this more than one listen or take some notes.

Here are a few things that we also mentioned in this episode:

  • Relationship Inner Game – My exclusive newsletter for helping people get their ex back
  • Ex Solution Program – My course teaching you exactly how to navigate your way through everything we talk about in this recording so that you can get your ex back again.

If there’s a lot of interest in this subject, maybe I’ll make a follow up to this recording sharing more detailed information on the subject.